The Story



The video will primarily feature a solo performance from Chelsea. She'll be dressed in colorful, stylish outfits, and interacting with funky, vibrant objects - paper umbrellas, adirondack chairs, vintage lemonade pitcher - to emphasize the songs summery, feel good theme.


The video will start with an overhead shot of Chelsea, lying on fake grass, with a quirky glass and pitcher of lemonade next to her. As we zoom in Chelsea will begin to sing the lyrics “lying in the grass, drinking lemonade”. Throughout the video certain lyrics will continue to be interpreted very literally (“sipping gin and tonics and we’re good all night”).  


In other scenes Chelsea will be dancing, posing and singing in front of a white backdrop as well as a colorful, parachute backdrop. The white backdrop will serve as a blank canvas to help enhance the colorful clothing and objects.


As the song moves along, we will begin to introduce snny with shots of him looking into the camera and singing his adlibs. When he begins rapping he will join Chelsea in front of the white backdrop and the performance will continue with snny and Chelsea looking at each other and back into the camera. Because we will only be using one location, we plan to utilize unique camera angles and a mixture of several different cinematic techniques to create an engaging dynamic of visual energy.



Overall the song has a very laid back vibe. Our goal is to create feel good images that capture the emotions of a colorful, summer time romance. We will be relying heavily on Chelsea's charisma, wardobe and set design.





Visual References

Below are some video references for the style we are going for.