Throughout MELT Chelsea sings about feeling frozen and lifeless. The concept of the video is based around the idea of a prisoner who wants to be broken free from the chains of slavery and bondage. To help communicate this visually we will use three things. 


The Room. 

The entire video will be shot in one room. It could be a bedroom or any type of room, but it needs to feel dark and gritty. The goal is to create a prison cell without actually using a prison cell. The feeling will be that she is stuck in this place and longs to be releaseed.


The Light.  


There also needs to be a window that we can use to shine light through. The video will start with a steady beam of hazy light that shines into the room. As the song progresses, the window will become almost like another character. The light will change colors and pulsate to the rythm of the music. 


The Performance. 


At the beginning of the song Chelsea will seem weak and almost dead. We may open with a shot of her laying on a bed or sitting in a chair in a frozen stupor. We'll see the single beam of light through the window. When the chorus picks up and the light begins to change, she will start to sense an outward call from the window. Her body will slowly come to life as she sings the song and moves in and out of the strange lights. As the song comes to a climax Chelsea will be belting out the words "I could MEEEEEELT". At that time we will see the lights flash on her face and the entire room being illuminated with multiple hues of red, green, and blue almost as if she's being portaled into another world. 


Using only one location means we will need to find creative ways to add dynamic throughout the video. One way we will do this is to use multiple camera techniques such as slow-mo and a mixure of wide and tight compositions. We will also utilize different objects or scenes within the bedroom such as shadows on the wall and a variety of placements for Chelsea. The changes in energy that come from the light and color will also be the key to making it all come together. The video may be somewhat linear at the beginning, but as the video moves along I envision a montage of shots that mix together in a non-linear sequence.