Everything or Nothing Treatment

Some references for visual aesthetic and color pallet.


The video opens with Ryan walking into a large room. The room feels like a futuristic space, something like an all white museum with sleek modern design. Picture an Apple Store in the year 2050. He walks up to a tech station that displays a new product. It’s a VR headset. The headset allows you to experience a romantic relationship in a virtual world. Ryan picks up the headset from an all glass podium and places it around his eyes. The headset drops him into another dimension where he meets his VR girlfriend. She looks into the camera and gently smiles to introduce herself. The world is undistinguishable from reality, however the women gives off the impression that she is posing and moving in a choreographed manner. She seems too good to be true.

In the next scene Ryan and his VR girlfriend are sitting in a love seat enjoying each others conversation. They both smile and seem overcome with giddiness.

Another scene is in the kitchen where Ryan and his girlfriend are making dinner. They playfully flirt back and forth as they prepare the meal. Later in the video we’ll see them dancing romantically in the middle of the kitchen.

The next scene is a shot of the VR Girl posing on the bed. She’s covered in white sheets and is looking back over her shoulder towards the camera. Throughout the video we’ll return to this scene where the girl beings to swim in a sea of blankets.

Juxtaposed against all of these scenes will be mirrored scenes of Ryan alone without the girl. In one shot he’ll be drinking a glass of scotch and sitting in a reading chair. Another shot will show Ryan walking through town with a restless look on his face. We want to create a tension between what’s real and what’s not. The desire to be with someone and the loneliness of solitude.

At the end of the second verse the music abruptly cuts. We see a close up of the two embracing each other in their arms. Ryan looks at the girl and the following dialogue takes place.

Ryan: “Are you real? Do you feel things? Do you desire things?”

Girl: “I… I think I do. Yes. But what do you mean? What kind of things?”
Ryan: “Like… do you have preferences, I mean… What do you want in the future?”

Girl: “Well… I want to get married, and have children. Maybe 3 children. I want a house in the country, or maybe by the Ocean where I can look at the beauty of nature everyday. What do you want?”

Ryan: “I really don’t know.”

The music comes back in.

In-between the aforementioned scenes we cut back to Ryan in the initial room with his headset on. The eyes of the headset begin to pulsate as he reaches out for the girl. We can tell that he is experiencing a physiological reaction to her presence. The lights will flash more intensely as the song picks up and the separate worlds will become more and more blended together. At a certain point it will be harder to distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t.

The video ends where it started with Ryan taking the headset off and placing it back down on the glass. He looks down at the headset and tries to process what he just experienced. Ultimately he turns away form the headset and walks out the door as the camera fades out.