The Story



The concept for the Silver Knife video is centered around a semi-choreographed dance routine by professional dancer Anna Pinault. The video will start out showing our main character walking down an open road surrounded by tall trees. She has a silver knife in her hand that is stained in blood. She looks a bit dishelved and tattered. The idea is that she just stabbed her husband to death. As the music begins we will see her slowly go into an intrepreative dance routine. 

The dance routine will begin very gradually. Her movements will be a bit clumsy and stiff. As the energy of the song picks up, we will see the dancer begin to move more freely and confidently. The knife will act as another character. At times it will seem as if the dancer is developing a relational intimacy with the blade. One shot might show her bringing the knife gently up to her cheek and closing her eyes. By the end of the song, she will break into a high energy dance routine, wielding the knife through the air and staring dramatically into the camera.



Visual References


I like the idea a black & white or greyish color pallet. The cinematography will have a vintage film look to help create a more textured asethetic. This will help set a moody vibe that matches the energy of the song. I picture a mix of static compositions and smooth pans that will help to capture the varous dynamics of the dance routine. 

Below are some video references for the style we are going for.