The Story

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to pitch a music video idea for such an amazing song. As a local DC artist myself, I've been following the emergence of Shaed over the last couple years and it would be an absolute privilege to work with such a gifted group of musicians. I'm very excited about the idea below and I feel confident that I can find the collaborators to bring this vision to life. The treatment is based primarily on a dance performance featuring a professional dancer from New York City named Anna Pinault. It also includes a performance element from the band. This can either be kept in or removed according to the band's preference.  I already have an excellent location in mind called the graffitti warehouse in Baltimore, MD. The location has a huge open warehouse room on the main floor, as well as three additional floors containing dozens of eclectically decorated rooms that can be utilized.  


See more about Anna here:  


When I dream of dying...

As soon as the music begins, so does our first scene. The camera slowly pushes in on our lead performer who is sitting in a chair. But it's not just a chair, it's an electrocution chair, and there is a metal helmet strapped to her head with leather straps buckling her in. Smoke is slowly rising up from her limbs and out of the top of her shaved head. She looks lifeless and dead. There is a small drip of blood coming out of her nose. As the camera pushes in closer, we see her foot twitch, and then her fingers slowly begin to move. She is reviving. As we make our way through the first verse and near the first chorus, she slowly opens her eyes and looks down. The leather straps are loose and she pulls her arms free. She is confused but slowly begins to stand up out of the chair. 





Crushing weight of paradise...

The second verse begins and we now see the dancer moving into a long hallway. She wanders in and out of dark shadows and pools of flourescent light. She stumbles forward in a choreographed blend of zombie-like convulsions and contemporary dance moves. A mysterious force is propelling her forward as she discovers new life. As we move towards the second chorus, the dancer makes her way down a flight of stairs, momentarily pausing to perform difficult dance moves on several steps.  






I never land just float there...


The camera tracks the dancer's silhouette from behind as she moves into a large open room that is flooded with green, purple, and blue lights. As the camera moves through the door, we reveal SHAED set up towards the middle of the room performing the song. The camera pans away from the dancer and rotates around the band. We see the dancer moving towards the band as they come face to face. At the same time that the whistling interlude drops, the dancer breaks into a full choreographed dance routine. She is confident and looks towards the camera with power and elegance. As the interlude comes to an end, we cut back to the band singing the final chorus. The rest of the video is a back and forth between SHAED performing and the girl continuing her dance routine. The song ends abruptly and we cut back to the empty electric chair still smoking.





Visual References






  I love having the opportunity to bring my unique vision and skillset to a film project; however, it's equally important for me to serve your artistic style and brand. Therefore I want to hear what you like and don't like about these ideas, and how we can collaborate to bring this concept to life. Feel free to browse through my site and check out some of my other work. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing back from you.