The Story

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The goal is to create a blank canvas where lead singer Chelsea can perform and act out several different emotional moods. We want to create a world that feels like a modern art museum. The first scene will be Chelsea standing in solitude looking into a mirror in a self reflective stupor. Think Snow White “mirror mirror on the wall.” She’ll be dressed up in an elegant outfit with over the top make-up, as if she's getting ready for a date or big show. From there she’ll continue to look at the mirror and look back at the camera acting out an array of different emotions. It will feel somewhat like a pantomime doing interpretive dancing. It’s as if she’s trying to communicate something important but doesn't have the words to articulate it. Ultimately she wants to fly like Peter Pan but she has to conjur up happy thoughts. One moment she may be smiling intensely and the next moment she might be screaming in a fit of rage. As the song continues her mood swings will become more drastic.

When the whistles come in after the 2nd chorus we’ll start to see Chelsea floating in the air in slow motion. To achieve this we’ll have a trampoline that she can jump on. The camera won’t show the trampoline as we only see Chelsea flying through the air in various postures. Towards the end of the song Chelsea will have a sledge hammer and will smash the mirror to pieces.

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